Current Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1 


¡Que Viva The Scholar!, by Bill Piatt


Blue Lives Have Always Mattered: The Usurping of Hate Crime Laws for an Unintended and Unnecessary Purpose, by Lisa M. Olson

The Persistence of Memory: The Continuing Influence of Antebellum Missouri Laws Regarding African Americans, by Roy Dripps


Non-Sexual Predators: The Negative Implications of Required Registration for Non-Sexual Offenses, by Alexandra Vargas

Previous Issue: Volume 19, Issue 3 


Immigrating While Trans: The Disproportionate Impact of the Prostitution Ground of Inadmissibility and Other Provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act on Transgender Women, by Luis Medina

Judge Posner's Road Map for Convention Against Torture Claims When Central American Governments Cannot Protect Citizens Against Gang Violence, by Steven H. Schulman


Veterans Banished: The Fight to Bring Them Home, by Alejandra Martinez

The Unconstitutional Application of Apprehension and Detention Laws: Section 236(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, by Rigoberto Ledesma

Previous Issue: Volume 19, Issue 2 


The Texas Supreme Court Retreats from Protecting Texas Students, by Albert Kauffman

Helping Students Develop Affirmative Evidence of Cross-Cultural Competency, by Neil Hamilton & Jeff Maleska


Navigating the Post-Shelby Landscape: Using Universalism to Augment the Remaining Power of the Voting Rights Act, by Jesús N. Joslin

Previous Issue: Volume 19, Issue 1


Pulse: Finding Meaning in a Massacre Through Gay Latinx Intersectional Justice, by Judith E. Koons


A Chance for Positive Change: Exploring the Legal Hurdles Putative Fathers Face in the 21st Century, by Shamala Florant


Exploring the Conflicts Within Carceral Feminism: A Call to Revocalize the Women Who Continue to Suffer, by Krishna de la Cruz

When Giving Birth Becomes a Liability: The Intersection of Reproductive Oppression and the Motherhood Wage Penalty for Latinas in Texas, by Dania Y. Pulido



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